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Business & Investor Visa

Business & Investor Visa

Canada offers various options to enter into the Canadian market which is extremely favorable for starting a business and making investments.

Business Visa is meant for those who are willing to travel temporarily for conducting business in Canada.
They may come to Canada for engaging in international business markets by creating, investing and
expanding business related connections.

There could be an option to gain permanent residency through the Entrepreneur Stream under various
Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs). Each province has different requirements and eligibility criteria that
include minimum net worth, minimum investment, prior business management experience, or a
government deposit.

Also, there are two programs at the federal level which are currently opened i.e.

  •  Self-Employed (includes Cultural Activities, Athletes, Farm Management)

      A self-employed person is a foreign national who:

  • Has at least 2 years of relevant experience, either self-employed or participating at a world-class level in cultural or athletic activities


  • Intends and is able to be self-employed in Canada

  • Can contribute to Canada’s economy in one of the required areas

  • Start-Up Visa-

  • Applicants under this Federal program require a commitment from a designated Canadian Angel Investor, designated Venture Capital Fund, or designated Business Incubator.


  • Applicants also require minimum language ability

  • Minimum of 1 year post-secondary education

  • Have sufficient settlement funds

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