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Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker

Caregiver Pilot Program - Home Child Care Provider (NOC 4411) and Home Support Worker (4412)
The Pilot is a five-year pilot project launched by the Canadian government on February 23, 2019



















The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilots allow employers to hire a Child Care provider or Support worker from outside Canada. It also provides an opportunity for a caregiver to apply for Permanent residency on completing two years of experience in Canada.

How the pilot works:​

Apply for occupation- restricted work permit along with Permanent residency application. The PR application remains on hold till the time you submit 2-years of work experience in Canada.


Your family members will also be able to immigrate to Canada with you. If they intend to work or study, they can submit their work permit or study permit applications along with your work permit.

Employee eligibility criteria:

1. Genuine Job Offer: Eligible candidates must have a job offer in Canada at the time of application for a work permit.

2. Language Proficiency: At least CLB 5 in English or French.

3. Education: Atleast one-year of completed post-secondary education.

4. Ability to do a job: Any prior paid or unpaid experience, training, etc.


5. Work Experience: Atleast two-years of Canadian work experience in the same occupation (either NOC 4411 or NOC 4412). It is required at the time of applying for Permanent residency. 

6. Admissiable to Canada 

Note- It is also required to assess the Employer's financial ability.


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