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New immigration measures to support Lebanon

Recently Government of Canada has declared extra supportive measures to support those affected by the 2020 Beirut explosion in Lebanon.

Citizens of Canada and permanent residents in Lebanon want to come back to Canada may get urgent processing for the travel documents such as a permanent resident travel document (PRTD), or a Canadian passport. 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) declared urgent processing for visitor visa applications of immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, who lived in a Beirut neighbourhood affected by the explosion.

List of Immediate (Close) family members e:

· Spouses 

· Common law partners 

· Dependent children 

· Parents or step-parents.

As well as, citizens of Lebanon who are currently living in Canada temporarily can extend their stay if they are not able to return their country due to the current circumstances.

Citizens of Canada, permanent residents in Lebanon, and Lebanese citizens in Canada will also get the advantage of waived fees for issuance of any of the given below:

· PRTD ($50) 

· Temporary Canadian passport ($110) 

· Canadian passport (various fees) 

· Replacement of certificate of Canadian citizenship ($75) 

· Emergency travel document (various fees) 

· Extension of temporary resident status ($100) 

· Renewal of a study permit ($150) 

· Renewal of a work permit ($155)

Individuals who are first time applying for Canadian citizenship will not have their fee waived.

Permanent residents in Lebanon want to come back to Canada requiring a PRTD may still be necessary to pay a service fee to submit their application at the Beirut Visa Application Centre.

The government of Canada has also established an immigration task force in Beirut to sustain the delivery of consular services.

Neighborhoods in Beirut that are affected!

Close family members may get urgent processing provided who are lived in an affected neighbourhood in Beirut.

As listed by the United Nations, given below is the list of affected neighborhoods:

· Achrafieh 

· Ain el-Mreisseh 

· Bachoura 

· Baouchriyeh 

· Beirut Central District 

· Bourj Hammoud 

· Jall Ed-Did 

· Marfaa 

· Mazraa 

· Medawar 

· Minet el-Hosn 

· Moussaytbeh 

· Ras Beyrouth 

· Remeil 

· Saifeh 

· Sin el-Fil 

· Zalqa 

· Zoukak el-Blatt

How can Lebanese citizens apply?

AS a Lebanese citizen you must submit your application before January 31, 2021, plus you will have to submit your documents through email to the dedicated email address Aspirants are required to submit all papers that may confirm their eligibility like proof that they are living in an affected neighborhood, relation with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, with their family member’s proof of citizenship or proof of permanent resident status. 

You can also send your queries regarding immigration to the same email.

Immigrating to Canada from Lebanon

Lebanon immigration was started in 1882 and continues. Approximately there are 200,000 and 400,000 individuals of Lebanese origin are living in Canada today. 

Lebanese citizens with skills have more than 100 immigration options to choose from. And from these options, the Express Entry system is one of the most popular ways. Canada held an Express Entry draw on Wednesday for 4,200 immigration aspirants to request permanent residence. 

You can also check your eligibility for Canadian immigration by taking our free assessment form.

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